Hotel Facilities Planning

Back of House (BOH) Planning 

Back of House Design and Planning is a complex and dynamic process. For smooth flow of the establishment, it is essential to follow six principles-

  • Flexibility and modularity
  • Ease to supervise the employees and facility
  • Ease of sanitation
  • Designed for an efficient flow of material and personnel
  • Make the right use of available space
  • Designed for simplicity

We provide consultancy and ensure the best services for Back of House (BOH) Design and Planning. We understand the importance of operating styles, trends and therefore make the right arrangements to accommodate them.

Additionally, we ensure proper workflow to prevent backtracking, decreased productivity, or inefficient use of labor. We help you determine the right flow of material as well as labor while drafting the layout of the restaurant or hotel.

Under BOH, we look after and provide the most useful advice for-

  • Purchase office
  • Receiving office
  • Security office
  • Finance and General Cashier

For all your concerns regarding BOH, we are the most suitable collaborators!

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